From Rolo’s family:

“We wanted to update you all on Rolo (Subway).  We adopted Rolo on September 28th at 8 weeks.  He is the perfect fit for our home. He loves to play, take long walks, and snuggle with his family.  He is such a happy boy!!”


From Bubs’ mom:

With Bubs’ new home, he also received a new name. When I went to the SAFE location I knew I was going home with a dog, but what I didn’t know is I would be going home with my new best friend.  When I saw a picture of a dog named Bane,  I thought  “wow that’s a handsome dog”.  They brought him to me and I spent just a few minutes with him before I signed the papers.  Something just told me this is my dog. I had just moved to Florida from West Virginia by myself.  So I was ready to start a new adventure with my new companion. Bubs enjoys  swimming and playing ball at the beach, taking long naps on the couch, and eating lots and lots of food.  Now I know why Bubs was the perfect dog for me, we are just alike!  He brings so much joy to my life and other people‘s.  Thank you so much for saving him! Adopt don’t shop!


“I adopted Bambi, now known as Hershey, about 3 months ago. She is the most wonderful dog in the world. She is loving and playful and brings me such joy every day. This was a match made in heaven.”


Buddy is a Good Boy!

We rescued Buddy in February during a trip from Maryland to St. Augustine ! He is the love of our life! He is very friendly. He never growls or barks! He loves walks and cuddling! We were looking for a small dog and Buddy (you had him as Lee) chose us and are we ever grateful! He is the best behaved dog we have ever had and makes our life complete!


Tango (aka Dopey) is Doing Great!

Thank you for our precious gift of Tango aka Dopey. We adopted her on 5/16/17 and she has brought much joy and happiness to us. She is full of energy and loves her new home. She is the best of friends with our granddaughter. She is very curious and loves playing with her toys especially her pink tennis ball and her squeaky giraffe aka raffy….we just love love love her. Thank you for what you are doing, pets are one of God’s greatest gifts and we are truly blessed with this little one.

Moose’s Happy Tail

Hello, we wanted to share a check in on Marvin who was formerly known as Denzel! We instantly fell in love the minute we set our eyes on him back in August of 2016, and he’s been the joy of our lives ever since. He loves playing with his feline sister Nova and constantly wants to cuddle. We are so thankful that S.A.F.E rescued him so that he could make his way into our life!

Moose’s Happy Tail

Greetings from the McIntyres! Just wanted to say hi and give you all an update on our happy tail. We adopted Moose on our spring break visit to Anastasia island. It was love at first sight for our son, and Moose became ours. We learned quickly that Moose was an awesome dog that just needed a little time and training. We enrolled him in a training course along with his new little sister, Chica. They both graduated today from their class and we couldn’t be prouder of the our sweet rescues. We are so grateful for the wonderful program you have and will forever remember our best Spring Break ever!


SAFE Siblings

Just wanted to brag about my 3 rescues from SAFE. We adopted Sago (grey cat) 4 1/2 years ago, Gertie (calico) 3 years ago and Bitsy (chi weenie formally Cleo) 2 months ago. We love our fur babies!!
Thank you SAFE for all you do!!

Ruckus Relaxing

Ruckus is so happy. Did very well in the car ride home and once it was bedtime (after many jumps of playfulness) he is enjoying his company with me. He is such a sweetheart and took to me immediately.

Thank you for allowing me to have Ruckus 🙂


Precious Petunia

Dear S.A.F.E.,

How can we even begin to describe how much we love our sweet Petunia? Nine months earlier we had lost one of our Boston Terriers and we were all still very sad, most of all Franklin, our remaining boston. After a quick search on, we found Petunia and drove from the Orlando area to get her that very day.

What a most wonderful addition Petunia is to our family. She is the kindest, sweetest, most loyal dog with a tender mother’s heart. When we tuck in our children at night she goes from room to room with us and sits at the foot of their beds. None of us can imagine our lives without Petunia, especially Franklin. Petunia and Franklin have become the best of friends and enjoy snuggling together everywhere they go. We all absolutely love our rescue dog and are so very thankful for S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue and the wonderful work you all do.

With happy tails and happy hearts!
Christy Reynolds
Oakland, FL

Buddy’s Happy Tail

We adopted “Clyde,” who is now Buddy, in January. He’s been with us just over a month now and is lovin’ life! He and our old gal, Lola, get along way better than I thought they would! He is a sweet boy, and we are so happy to have him. Thanks for all you do to save these great dogs!

The Earth Goddess

My husband and I couldn’t thank you all enough for our sweet girl. I adopted her as Sydney but we chose the name Mahika (Earth Goddess). She answered to the new name almost instantly and has been a ball of much needed energy and life added to our little furbaby family.

She adores going to the beach with us and when daddy isn’t out of town she runs at full speed as he tosses her favorite toy – a tennis ball! She is very loving and eager to please and so very smart!


Loki’s Happy Tail

We adopted Loki (aka Drake) from your shelter about 2 months ago and we love him. We just wanted to send in some pictures of him in his new home with his new older sisters. He loves living on the water and swimming with his new sisters and chasing waves. Thank you for our wonderful new family member and for the wonderful work you do.
The Myers Family


Hello Dolly!

“This is Dolly Parton, and we adopted her a few months ago from the St Augustine S.A.F.E. All we know about her is that she came from a kill shelter in Georgia😢 and if not for you wonderful angels, she would not be in our lives right now. I can’t even imagine that, we just LOVE her so much. As I’m typing this, she’s cuddling me right now☺️
Thank you!!!”

Gracie’s Happy Tail

From Gracie’s family:

Thank you all for what you do! We adopted Gracie in January of 2016.  She has adjusted so well and is the first “grand-dog” in the family and is so very loved.  Gracie enjoys walks to the beach and getting new collars for every holiday!  Thank you for rescuing our little pup!


We adopted Sheena this past January. She was originally Mona and had a brother (forgot his name) and a sister named Lisa.

She is such an integral part of our family. All my boys love her and even the cat (another Safe rescue, Tango-now Sunny)

We got her DNA done a few months ago…for no apparent reason other than to stop all the assumptions from other people. Once there was an argument between a husband and wife in what she could be….
She came back with American Staffordshire terrier on both sides. Korean Jindo (never heard of it, but awesome) & a small mixture of chow and Dalmatian.

We just love her so, so, so much. She is everything and more to our family. Thank you.


Ozzie’s amazing recovery!

When Ozzie came to SAFE, he looked horrible.  He had been neglected and was suffering from a terrible case of demodex, a treatable condition. His face was hairless and covered with oozing, painful sores.  It was heartbreaking to look at him and see him suffering.  But SAFE gave Ozzie love and medical care, and he was adopted into a wonderful home where he is thriving, and he looks amazing!  From Ozzie’s family:

“Thanks to all of the folks at S.A.F.E. that helped Ozzie survive over a year with his skin problems.  See him now at 67 lbs.  He is President of My Home Security Inc.  A sweet soul for sure.”


That Smile Says it All!

We came to SAFE looking for a small dog under 15lbs. We fell in love with Sika whom we renamed Daisy. DNA shows she is 62% lab, but also Chow, American Eskimo and Bassett! Who knew! We are so happy to give Daisy a place to call her furever home and this big yard to play in! That smile says it all!



Tilly the Kitty

“We adopted this little girl (formerly named Yingling) on Valentine’s Day. We could not be any happier. She is definitely a lot different than any other cat, and that’s what makes her so unique. We thank you for letting us be her family.”


We got this note and these adorable pictures from Fred’s family:

We adopted Fred (who was known as Lorenzo before he got his forever name) in February 2016. He has been an awesome addition to our home and brings us such joy! He was quite shy at first, but has fit his little self right in! Loves his daily walks, and tries to “help” me tie my walking shoes every evening. Thank you, guys!


Hercules was adopted in May.  His family says he is doing great and is happy to be in a loving home.  He has learned new tricks, and hopes his squeaky toys and treats!

Owen is a Great Son!

We adopted Owen about 6 weeks ago now and just wanted to let you know how much a part of our family he already is – the son we never had! Haha. His name was “Duke” but Owen was our “boy” child name we never got to use, so he is our fur-son 🙂

We couldn’t have picked a better dog. He is incredibly sweet, smart, and goofy. Genetic results revealed he is golden retriever, lab, and Rottweiler – a great mix!

Thank you for all you do!!

Gorgeous Griff

“Gabe was adopted from SAFE on Nov 6th 2015. We knew that he would get much bigger, due to his huge feet at 7 months old. Renamed Griff, he has finally grown into his feet, doubling in size. After a ‘high energy’ adolescence, he is slowly but surely maturing into a sweet and gentle companion. We hope to have many years with him. Thanks SAFE for all you do to give animals a second chance at finding a forever home.”




Lu Lu’s Forever Home!

I wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone at the shelter. I stopped in “just to see” what kind of dogs you had, because I had never had a dog before and wasn’t sure what to look for. I stopped in front of a very quiet, mellow, and adorable dachshund and immediately fell in love.

Lu Lu is now Cookie (her new mom loves to bake!), and she is getting along great in her new forever home. She LOVES going for walks, getting belly rubs, chewing on her stuffed animals, cuddling on the couch, snuggling in blankets, and eating homemade treats. Cookie also gets to go out to the park and gets a lot of love from her mom’s friends. Thank you to everyone at S.A.F.E. for saving her and helping me find the perfect companion!

“Happy” is One Happy Dog!

“Happy the Bichon’s new name should be Happy the Truly Rotten Bichon! He adjusted to his new home almost immediately. It’s pretty obvious that he is the King of his domain and all that he oversees. Everyone at the vet adores him and loves his cute outfits. The vet even said that we made a great choice with Happy. (We even shared many of his clothes with other pupsters so that they could be warm this winter.)

After we got home and had a bath and nap, he decided he didn’t need a crate when he could have the middle of mommy & daddy’s king size bed to sleep in.

We walk most every day with our neighbor’s foster failures (because they were too sweet & were adopted by their foster!) and we make up quite a pack! You should hear the gang as they sing the song of their people.

We are so happy we chose to check out the fur babies at SAFE Pet Rescue.”

Sweet Gracie’s Happy Tail


We received this wonderful letter and these beautiful pictures from Gracie’s mom, Kristi:

Gracie is right at home and doing well, as you can see. She is sweet, affectionate and just overall lovable! She loves a sunny spot in the window, on the couch or anywhere it happens to be and she couldn’t be happier to receive a tummy rub or to snuggle next to you. We just absolutely adore her and feel so blessed that she is now a part of our family! Thank you for saving her life so that she could become such a special part of ours!!!

Thank you again for all of the work you do on behalf of so many deserving animals!

Fred’s Doing Great!

We just got this great note from Fred’s mom:

Just wanted to let you know that Lorenzo, now known as Fred, is adjusting to his new home quite well.  He loves to play and doesn’t want to leave our side.  He sits for grooming like a true gentleman, as the second photo shows, and has truly stolen our hearts.  Thanks so much!!!



From Cody’s mom:

“Wanted to share an update regarding Cody. December 10th will be 1 year since he has joined our family, and we could not be happier! He is a great jogging companion, birthday party goer, and couch relaxer. Thank you for saving him. We love him!!”


From Ripley’s mom:

We are so happy with Ripley  [formerly Henry]!  He’s is literally the sweetest dog we have ever encountered.  Such a good boy.  Thank you so much for bringing this precious boy into our home!


Bogey and ACE: SAFE Siblings

“Bogey and Ace, two of my three SAFE rescue babies. For the first couple of weeks Bogey didn’t so much as want Ace breathing the same air. Now they take naps together. And brother Rebel loves them as much as Bogey and Ace love Rebel. I am so blessed to be able to come home every day to these precious, sweet babies.”  ~Jody

Bogey and Ace
Bogey and Ace

Scarlett the Southern Belle

Hello!  I adopted Lucille from SAFE almost a year ago. She is now known as Scarlett and is definitely a southern belle!  She loves car rides and playing with her best friend, Mabeline (a 75 pound pit bull!). I live in Ponte Vedra Beach, so Scarlett and I get as many beach walks in as we can each week.  When I got her, she was heartworm positive but has since gone through treatment and is well on her way to a full recovery. I am so thankful for my best friend and companion. Thanks for all y’all do!

Claire Bynum (and Scarlett too!)

image (2) image (3) image

King Louis is Living Like Royalty!

My name is Stephanie Bass and I adopted who is now known as King Louis from you guys around last Thanksgiving. I wanted to email you to tell you how wonderful King Louis has been in my family’s life! He is such the little ham and goes everywhere with me, my fiancé, and our other dog Bocephus. We live in Avondale right behind the shops and next to a park, so he has had many walks through both. When we adopted him he had heartworms, and I can proudly say he has completed treatment and is heartworm free! He goes to the spa every other Friday and lives up to his title of King.

Thank you so much for my baby,
Stephanie Bass

FullSizeRender IMG_2188 IMG_2330

Buddy is Blossoming in His New Home

We adopted Ranger, now known as Buddy, about a month ago.

When we brought him home to Tallahassee, he was under weight and had kennel cough. He was treated and has put on weight and is thriving.

He adjusted beautifully and is loved by his humans as well as his canine family.  He loves to play tug of war and sleeps on a nice queen sized bed.  He is a wonderful asset to our family and he is loved dearly.


Sasha Loves St. Augustine!

imageHi ya’ll! Greetings from the Nation’s Oldest City. I’m Sasha, a one year old, American and French Bulldog. I was rescued by my loving parents, Ed and Natasha and my brother cat, Atres. During the week I work with my dad and on weekends mom takes me on walks along St. George St. or we sun bathe on St. Augustine beach. My all-time favorite spot is Castillo San Marcos, where I run fast and meet others like myself.

Ollie’s Adventures in Minnesota


We are the Nordwall family and my daughter adopted Fenway, whom we now call Ollie, from you back in March.

She came home for the summer to northern Minnesota, and Ollie is absolutely loving life up here in the northland. He has had many great adventures hiking up the north shore and learning to swim in many of the lakes we have around here, even Lake Superior!

He has become very bonded with our two Cairn Terriers. I have also become very fond of him! He is my walking partner and he knows when I get home from work that it is time to go on our 3 mile walk. Ollie will be staying up here in the Northland with us for the year, and we are so excited to see his reaction to snow!

I am so sad to think about what his life was like before but I can surely tell you he is a blessing to this family and we love him very much!

Warmest regards from Minnesota!
Coleen Nordwall

Dolly Found a Purrfect Home

From Dolly’s new family:

I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful work you do. We adopted Dolly and have not regretted it for a second. She is so sweet and gentle and loves belly rubs. Thank you for taking care of Dolly. She has found her forever home!

Dolly looking very content in her new home!
Dolly looking very content in her new home!