From Rolo’s family:

“We wanted to update you all on Rolo (Subway).  We adopted Rolo on September 28th at 8 weeks.  He is the perfect fit for our home. He loves to play, take long walks, and snuggle with his family.  He is such a happy boy!!”


From Bubs’ mom:

With Bubs’ new home, he also received a new name. When I went to the SAFE location I knew I was going home with a dog, but what I didn’t know is I would be going home with my new best friend.  When I saw a picture of a dog named Bane,  I thought  “wow that’s a handsome dog”.  They brought him to me and I spent just a few minutes with him before I signed the papers.  Something just told me this is my dog. I had just moved to Florida from West Virginia by myself.  So I was ready to start a new adventure with my new companion. Bubs enjoys  swimming and playing ball at the beach, taking long naps on the couch, and eating lots and lots of food.  Now I know why Bubs was the perfect dog for me, we are just alike!  He brings so much joy to my life and other people‘s.  Thank you so much for saving him! Adopt don’t shop!


“I adopted Bambi, now known as Hershey, about 3 months ago. She is the most wonderful dog in the world. She is loving and playful and brings me such joy every day. This was a match made in heaven.”


Buddy is a Good Boy!

We rescued Buddy in February during a trip from Maryland to St. Augustine ! He is the love of our life! He is very friendly. He never growls or barks! He loves walks and cuddling! We were looking for a small dog and Buddy (you had him as Lee) chose us and are we ever grateful! He is the best behaved dog we have ever had and makes our life complete!


Tango (aka Dopey) is Doing Great!

Thank you for our precious gift of Tango aka Dopey. We adopted her on 5/16/17 and she has brought much joy and happiness to us. She is full of energy and loves her new home. She is the best of friends with our granddaughter. She is very curious and loves playing with her toys especially her pink tennis ball and her squeaky giraffe aka raffy….we just love love love her. Thank you for what you are doing, pets are one of God’s greatest gifts and we are truly blessed with this little one.

Moose’s Happy Tail

Hello, we wanted to share a check in on Marvin who was formerly known as Denzel! We instantly fell in love the minute we set our eyes on him back in August of 2016, and he’s been the joy of our lives ever since. He loves playing with his feline sister Nova and constantly wants to cuddle. We are so thankful that S.A.F.E rescued him so that he could make his way into our life!