Ruckus Relaxing

Ruckus is so happy. Did very well in the car ride home and once it was bedtime (after many jumps of playfulness) he is enjoying his company with me. He is such a sweetheart and took to me immediately.

Thank you for allowing me to have Ruckus 🙂


Precious Petunia

Dear S.A.F.E.,

How can we even begin to describe how much we love our sweet Petunia? Nine months earlier we had lost one of our Boston Terriers and we were all still very sad, most of all Franklin, our remaining boston. After a quick search on, we found Petunia and drove from the Orlando area to get her that very day.

What a most wonderful addition Petunia is to our family. She is the kindest, sweetest, most loyal dog with a tender mother’s heart. When we tuck in our children at night she goes from room to room with us and sits at the foot of their beds. None of us can imagine our lives without Petunia, especially Franklin. Petunia and Franklin have become the best of friends and enjoy snuggling together everywhere they go. We all absolutely love our rescue dog and are so very thankful for S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue and the wonderful work you all do.

With happy tails and happy hearts!
Christy Reynolds
Oakland, FL

Buddy’s Happy Tail

We adopted “Clyde,” who is now Buddy, in January. He’s been with us just over a month now and is lovin’ life! He and our old gal, Lola, get along way better than I thought they would! He is a sweet boy, and we are so happy to have him. Thanks for all you do to save these great dogs!

The Earth Goddess

My husband and I couldn’t thank you all enough for our sweet girl. I adopted her as Sydney but we chose the name Mahika (Earth Goddess). She answered to the new name almost instantly and has been a ball of much needed energy and life added to our little furbaby family.

She adores going to the beach with us and when daddy isn’t out of town she runs at full speed as he tosses her favorite toy – a tennis ball! She is very loving and eager to please and so very smart!


Loki’s Happy Tail

We adopted Loki (aka Drake) from your shelter about 2 months ago and we love him. We just wanted to send in some pictures of him in his new home with his new older sisters. He loves living on the water and swimming with his new sisters and chasing waves. Thank you for our wonderful new family member and for the wonderful work you do.
The Myers Family