Moose’s Happy Tail

Hello, we wanted to share a check in on Marvin who was formerly known as Denzel! We instantly fell in love the minute we set our eyes on him back in August of 2016, and he’s been the joy of our lives ever since. He loves playing with his feline sister Nova and constantly wants to cuddle. We are so thankful that S.A.F.E rescued him so that he could make his way into our life!

Moose’s Happy Tail

Greetings from the McIntyres! Just wanted to say hi and give you all an update on our happy tail. We adopted Moose on our spring break visit to Anastasia island. It was love at first sight for our son, and Moose became ours. We learned quickly that Moose was an awesome dog that just needed a little time and training. We enrolled him in a training course along with his new little sister, Chica. They both graduated today from their class and we couldn’t be prouder of the our sweet rescues. We are so grateful for the wonderful program you have and will forever remember our best Spring Break ever!


SAFE Siblings

Just wanted to brag about my 3 rescues from SAFE. We adopted Sago (grey cat) 4 1/2 years ago, Gertie (calico) 3 years ago and Bitsy (chi weenie formally Cleo) 2 months ago. We love our fur babies!!
Thank you SAFE for all you do!!

Ruckus Relaxing

Ruckus is so happy. Did very well in the car ride home and once it was bedtime (after many jumps of playfulness) he is enjoying his company with me. He is such a sweetheart and took to me immediately.

Thank you for allowing me to have Ruckus 🙂


Precious Petunia

Dear S.A.F.E.,

How can we even begin to describe how much we love our sweet Petunia? Nine months earlier we had lost one of our Boston Terriers and we were all still very sad, most of all Franklin, our remaining boston. After a quick search on, we found Petunia and drove from the Orlando area to get her that very day.

What a most wonderful addition Petunia is to our family. She is the kindest, sweetest, most loyal dog with a tender mother’s heart. When we tuck in our children at night she goes from room to room with us and sits at the foot of their beds. None of us can imagine our lives without Petunia, especially Franklin. Petunia and Franklin have become the best of friends and enjoy snuggling together everywhere they go. We all absolutely love our rescue dog and are so very thankful for S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue and the wonderful work you all do.

With happy tails and happy hearts!
Christy Reynolds
Oakland, FL